Pope Comics Issue #1


There have been a lot of dumb, bad, unreadable comic books over time. I’ve personally bought many of them. One-shots or new series that had good covers and seemed interesting to my 11 year old mind. Today I found this on the Covered blog and it baffles me. Marvel Comics Group made a Pope John Paul II comic book? This is either full of priestly Nazi fighting or a disturbing mess.

What Stan Lee Really Said

So I read in the NY Times blog that Stan Lee made some comments about the Marvel/Disney merger.  Read his comments here

 What I think he really said before the PR people edited it was:

Pow wham! Two of the biggest media companies in the world have COLLIDED in a deal that will CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER.  But don’t worry true believers, this deal will be interstellar as long as Galactus doesn’t get a chance to take a bite out of it!